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3690Although lately I had no time or mood for writing reviews, I can’t just give three stars to “The Power and the Glory” by Graham Greene without at least leaving a comment to justify it. Please, don’t get confused, Greene’s writing in “The Power and the Glory” has never failed me: it’s captivating, deep, and I enjoyed the book until the very last moment. The story resembled a relay-race to me, where the thread of the story was handed over from one character to another like a baton, creating a fully developed and broad vision. Whisky Priest, the main character of the book, was intricate and still very human. The metaphors and parallels with the Bible were interesting and I found the whole book to be an exciting social experiment taken to an extreme level, an exploration of a society where religion is in process of being eradicated. So, my three stars by no means intend to diminish the literary value of the book. They simply mean that I don’t agree with the partiality of the author, with his clear favour for one part of the story, with his attempt to give us an answer instead of leaving us with a open question.

May, 2015